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Zarak Inc. dba "The Lumber Company"

Zarak Inc. DBA The Lumber Company is one of the leading exporters of Quality Wood from North America. We Deal in Hardwood Logs, Softwood Logs and Dimensional Wood in various sizes. Our primary exports include Ash Wood, Cedar Wood, Elm Wood, Red Oak, White Oak, Yellow Pine, White Pine, Mahogany and Red Wood. Our Quality fumigated wood is then loaded on to 40 feet containers from United States and exported globally. Minimum order is a 40 foot container for export. Our wood contains the minimum amount of moisture content and is stocked at our hygienically maintained warehouses. Our office is located at:

600 E John Carpenter Freeway, Suite 228                  
Irving, TX 75062
United States of America
Phone: 972-332-3790     

Zarak Logistics

The World is no longer big to conduct business worldwide. We, at Zarak Logistics make that possible for you and serve as a bridge to transport your goods across the planet through a network of our partners. By utilizing our Lumber Wholesale as a baseline with Shipping Companies, combined with other volume of shipments for our clients, we are able to lower our shipping costs through volume. Economies of scale allows us to pass on those savings to our clients worldwide. Our Office is located at

Office 1803c, AmberJhem Tower, 
Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street, 
Ajman Free Zone, Ajman, UAE
Phone: 971-556085176

To place an order for any shipping needs, to track shipments with the shipping line or to check vessel schedules, please visit our website

Zarak Wood Factory Islamabad

For Retail Sales of Dimensional Wood and for finished Wood Products, we have invested in a 40,000 square feet factory and a warehouse in the Capital Territory of Pakistan, Islamabad. Our Retail products include ready doors, furniture as well as Wood Logs and Dimensional Wood. You can choose from our wide variety of furniture including Bed Sets, Dining Sets, Sofas, Chairs, Coffee Tables and other wood products along with Ready Doors, Kitchens and Wardrobes for your dream home. We promise our commitment to Art, Design, Service, Price and Quality. Zarak Wood Factory Islamabad is located on:

Kashmir Highway, Sector G-12/1
Islamabad, Pakistan
Phone: +92-3458517238

For further details, kindly visit our website at:

Zarak Builders and Developers Pvt. Ltd.

Zarak Builders is committed to providing you Quality construction at a competitive price. Our goal is to be the number one construction services provider in United States, Pakistan and UAE. Through Team work, skilled employees, state of the art construction equipment while abiding by the International Occupational Safety and Health standards for our employees, we take pride in getting the recognition and satisfaction of our customers. Zarak Builders strives to "Build Concrete Relationships" long term. We just do not build concrete structures, we focus on "Building Concrete Relationships" long term. 

Our Corporate office is located at:

Office F-1/A, Plaza 105, Walayat Complex
Bahria Expressway, Phase 7, Bahria Town
Islamabad, Pakistan

Zarak Trade Products

Our simple Three Dimensional Philosophy

Our Business Strategy is simple. Three parties, three tests is an entire 3 Dimentional Philosophy of Zarak Group. Whether you have a product or service to sell or you need a product or service from anywhere across the Globe, we are here to help you conduct Business beyond borders. Whether its a product or service, Zarak Group will bridge your business transaction end to end, including getting the Buyer and Seller together, Logistics, Customs Clearance, Trade Finance and Managing Risk as long as it passes three tests:

(1) Is it Legal
(2) Is it Ethical
(3) Is it mutually Profitable for all three parties, i.e 

(1) The Exporter 
(2) The Importer and 
(3) Zarak Group.

In simple terms, We at The Zarak Group,

(1) Formulate 
(2) Facilitate 
(3) Negotiate your "International Trade"

For a list of products to Export or Import, please visit

Zarak Consulting & Financial Services

Are you Interested in expanding your business globally from the United States? Interested in Trade Finance, Cargo Insurance or an Export Trade Line of Credit in United States? We can help you Formulate, Facilitate and Negotiate your International Trade. Visit us online at 

Are you an established business and would like to expand your unique, established business name or Brand through multiple business owners by a franchise agreement for a product or service for a limited time. A "Franchisor" establishes equity in its business over time and allows a "Franchisee" to use its brand name, logo and established system for a fee per the terms of a franchise agreement. If interested, continue to 

Are you Interested in Branding your service or product? A "Brand" in simple terms is your promise to your customer differentiating you from your competitor for a similar product or service. It begins from your unique logo portyayed on your business card, on your website, on your letter head, product packaging and all your marketing material. It is a  promise of quality for a product or service, what a customer would expect from your unique brand. The perception built over time as a result of superior quality of your branded product or service builds equity over time. It allows a business to charge more for a similar product due to consistency in quality for a product or service over a period of time. Visit our website at 

CEO Profile

Over 25 years of successful, extensive and an International/Multi-cultural diverse background in Management, International Trade, Strategy, Marketing, International Business, Finance, Construction, Risk Management, Benchmarking, Accounting and Business Consulting.


Zarak Virtual Office

Zarak Virtual Office